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Comprehensive advice about your physiotherapeutic complaint.

  • Preliminary indication regarding your symptoms
  • Clear explanation per condition
  • Always consult a physiotherapist too

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You can see a physiotherapist directly - you do not need a referral from your doctor.

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Interactive physiotherapy check

At Physiocheck.co.nz you can check your symptoms by means of an interactive physiotherapy check. By answering the questions in the physiotherapy check and performing the tests, your symptoms will be compared to the most common physiotherapeutic conditions.
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Indication of the physical symptoms

The check provides an indication of the condition(s) that you may be experiencing. Each condition is described in detail based on recent scientific literature. The physiotherapy check is regularly updated with more conditions and new insights in physiotherapy.
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Always consult a physiotherapist

Physiocheck.co.nz should not be seen as a replacement to a visit to the GP and/or physiotherapist. Always consult your specialist first before drawing conclusions from the information on Physiocheck.co.nz.
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